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3D Advanced Rigging and Animation

3D Rigging and Animation

  • 3D Aniamtion
    3D Advanced Rigging and Animation
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Course Summary

This course focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of 3D animation and rigging with a comprehensive overview of the various tools and techniques used in creating professional quality animations. Students learn how to rig and animate 3D objects and characters that they can integrate into quality animations through a combination of lectures, practical exercises, and self-paced learning activities. They also will build a foundational knowledge of the anatomy needed to create realistic movement and practice with keyframing techniques. The course covers rigging principles like advanced bone setup, inverse kinematics, skinning, and dynamics. By the end of this experiential learning opportunity, students will understand the core principles behind creating believable character animations for video games, films, and other immersive media.

Course Features

  • Duaration : 3 Year
  • Category : Specialized
  • Mode : offline
  • Seats : 20