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Case Study of The Angry Bird

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Case Study of The Angry Bird

In this blog, we will explore the uses of shapes in representing various types of characters and their significance in the movie. While the meaning of color can be misinterpreted due to cultural differences, the meaning of shapes remains constant and carry their own attributes and properties that define the character they represent. It is fascinating to observe how each shape portrays its own personality ethics, significance, and stability in the characters it embodies.

The most basic shape used in creating characters is the circle. Circle is the shape that symbolizes unity and harmony. Characters represented by the circles are often associated with positive traits such as balance, wholeness, and perfection.

Triangles are often associated with sharpness and evil. Characters represented by triangles tend to be bold assertive and confident.

Rectangles and other shapes used in creating characters are often associated with support and sturdy, and their ability to organize the strategy makes them essential to the story.

Square is the shape often associated with balance and represents reliability and dependability.

Basically shapes play a crucial role in the character representation in the movie. They offer a simple yet effective way to convey a character’s personality without the need for any explanations.

Now let’s see how the artist of the movie – Angry Bird have used these shapes to design the characters.

MOVIE NAME: The Angry Bird

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In this movie, we have the most appealing and entertaining characters. RED, CHUCKS, and BOMB have always been the outcasts within a community of flightless birds on the island, but suddenly some mysterious green pigs reached the island and decided to figure out why the pigs came here.

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Mr.RED: Mr. Red is the PROTAGONIST in this movie. He is very shy and does not like to talk to any other birds. His elliptical shape represents that he is very sturdy and stubborn. The red color of his body represents anger and power.

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CHUCK: The yellow bird “Chuck” is the DEUTERAGONIST character in this movie. His triangular feathers represent a very sharp-minded and fast personality. His yellow color appears harmless and friendly.

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BOMB: Bomb is a very angry character in the movie, with the ability to explode. He is a TRITAGONIST character. He looks innocent and his hefty figure represents that he is solid and stable. Bomb has a problem with making connections to the others birds.

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KING LEONARD: King Leonard is the main ANTAGONIST character in this movie. His circular body misguides everyone to think he is a positive character but in reality, he is an evil one, who came to the city of birds to steal their eggs.


Shapes are a way to represent the personality and emotions of a particular character. Every shape has its own quality to define the character which can be clearly seen in this movie.