Jagran Educational Foundation was established in the year 2005 to give more thrust and direction to its educational activities spreading excellence and also to correlate and supervise the various schools and institutions promoted by the group. The various institutes established under this banner are
  • Jagran Institute of Digital Animation, Kanpur
  • Jagran Institute of Mass Communication, Kanpur and Noida
  • Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur
  • Puranchandra Vidyaniketan, Kanpur
  • Jagran Degree College, Kanpur
  • Jagran Public School, Noida, Lucknow, Kannauj and Aligarh
Jagran Institute of Digital Animation was established on 10th July 2010. At JIDA an initiative is taken to train and educate young minds for excellence in the field of animation. We provide knowledge in 2D and 3Dd animation. Our aim is to make minds more creative and at par with the industry.

  The Chairman’s Desk  
Admission to Jagran Institute of Digital Animation (JIDA) , Kanpur is a learning process. Here we encourage you to challenge your assumptions, acquire new skills, examine unfamiliar possibilities, imagine unexpected opportunities and, most of all, to assume responsibility for yourself and for the world of animation. In short we invite you to turn your potential into a real capacity to become the future leaders of the creative field.  
At JIDA we strongly believe that excellence in both teaching & research are the twin objectives that shape the activity of our students and faculty. Our informed, enriched teaching initiatives aim to provide all our students a challenging learning environment. Learning experiences at JIDA is shaped by innovative teaching methodologies and excellent environment that promote teamwork and collaboration.

The Institute has made painstaking efforts in the building up of the personalities of the young and upcoming digital designers. The website reflects the vision and mission of the Institute and also offers an opportunity for the animation industry to involve the students of JIDA in the development process of the country. With a profound theoretical knowledge and thorough practical training, the young batch of JIDA would definitely prove an asset to the animation industry.
  The Vice Chairperson’s Desk  
Since its inception in 2010, JIDA, Kanpur has been working passionately and persistently to impart specialized training to the budding aspirants. The Institute is ahead of the other players of the field because it believes in providing the students with a strong infrastructure and a highly qualified faculty that is aware of the latest market needs and trends. Quality and precision have become the hallmark of the Institute. One of the Institute’s main role is to help our students to achieve that potential and become what they want to be and what society needs currently. However, our main role is to generate new knowledge that improves the world and illuminates core understanding of it. In a short span of time many students of JIDA have been absorbed by the animation and film industry, and that speaks for itself about the training imparted at JIDA.  
I express my best wishes for the success of the students.  
 The CEO’s Desk  
It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction to see the website. The Institute’s commitment to provide fully-trained professionals in the animation industry has been unwavering. The candidates of JIDA have been successful in achieving prestigious placement in the big production houses of the country. JIDA has a unique perception of industry requirement and has been steadily imbuing the students with the skills, knowledge and attitude suitable to this environment. The innate traits of the aspirants are honed in the way that they adapt immediately to the required needs and circumstances. I’m confident that the students will find the information contained in the website not only useful but will use it to its fullest advantage  
Creativity has no limits.

It is altogether a new dimension of thoughts and ideas that are represented and reflected in the new age styling, fashion, branding, promotions, entertainment and even in the physical appearance of a person, which introduces us to the inherent creative skills within a human being- those skills which need to be nurtured and to be shown the right direction, providing the young and the talented with the whole new gamut of career options, with the introduction of technology, definitely sky is the limit.
We at Jagran Institute of Digital Animation are pledged to bear the torch and lead this creative design for 10+2 students to get a head start in their career. JIDA's mission is to provide the highest caliber training that both educates and inspires, in order to help young artists achieve their personal and professional goals. Whether your interests are Digital Matte Painting, Asset Modeling, Environment Designing, Creature Rendering, our instructors help artists learn from the experience of others in order to save time and improve skills. At JIDA, we are committed to provide our students the best of infrastructure and environment so as to help them develop their creative skills. As the demand for artists increases and the quality of visuals in games and film continues to mature, education and training is the foundation of our industry's future.
Students are like soft clay ready to be moulded and we provide just that right mould to give their future the perfect shape, where we follow innovative concepts to instill creativity, imagination and confidence into them so that they become better professionals and above all better human beings.
S. Ateeq   

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